Cell Phone Addiction Causes And Treatments For Teenagers

As we all know there has been great development in technology. This has resulted in invention of many gadgets and cell phone is one of them. Despite its usefulness, excessive use of this device has various negative impacts. A person suffering from such a phenomenon is referred to as a cell phone addict. He relies over his cell phone for all the various day to day activities not concentrating on anyone else near him. A person is suffering from this form of addiction can be predicted by the cell phone bills and the abrupt behavior in case the cell phone is missing.

Nearly one third of the students in china have shown signs of addiction as they felt uneasy and displayed abnormal behavior in case their cell phone went missing. The rest two third also consider their cell phone to be a very essential item for them. The teenagers suffering this addiction become really obsessed with the device and the usefulness it provides. They tend to ignore other important activities such as studies and sports. This leads to poor performance and depletion in their health. They take unnecessary risks by using their cell phones at the time of driving leading to many accidents. Excessive cell phone usage also increases problems on an interpersonal level.

In order to overcome this problem of cell phone addiction there is need to regularly monitor its usage, keep a track of the time that you spend talking and messaging. Note it down for reference later. Try using other things to serve your needs such as notepad to jot down anything and a watch for monitoring time. After finding the time spent over cell phone it is now required to reduce your dependence over it by slowly decreasing the time spent, this can be done by choosing the activity of less importance on the cell phone and reducing your dependence over phone for that particular activity.

The major reason for cell phone usage is to be with any other person. The usage can be reduced if you be with that person instead of conversing over the cell phone. Focusing on the person conversing to you is also very important and in order to do this you should keep your cell phone away when carrying out one on one conversation, this is essential for retaining people's respect. There is a need to believe that exchanging messages continuously on your cell phone is not the only way to enhance and make your social contacts instead it unnecessarily increases your level of anxiety. Even checking your email every 10 min is not necessary except for certain important people with corporate links. Another thing that can be done is to turn off the cell phone at night as it is not necessary to be used while sleeping

It is believed than the number of people suffering from this form of addiction is bound to increase greatly in future. Hence, there is a need for greater focus in this area by both the government and the people alike.